957 CE. Orkney Islands, Kingdom of Norway 


Oddny Einarsdottir, 15, brims with excitement as she sets sail with her dashing foster brother. After a decade of separation, she's about to reunite with her father at his homestead in Iceland. But it is not to be. Just days into the voyage, she's screaming helplessly as the vikings butcher her foster brother before her eyes and drag her off with the booty.


A slave market would have been agony enough. But Oddny has already caught the lecherous eye of her brutal sea king captor.


The Sword begins the saga of Oddny Einarsdottir, a Norwegian girl struggling to redefine herself after three shattering years in bondage. Passion, resilience, love and vengeance unfold against a rich backdrop of medieval slavery, civil war and the day-to-day life of 10th century Norway — all seen through a woman's eyes.

Editorial Reviews


"The Sword... is a wonderful exploration of the enchantment, magic, and inherent violence of early Norse culture and family life... Author Lilypearl Colman has created a delightful character in Oddny whom all women will readily identify with even a thousand years after the novel’s setting... This was a fantastic read that I can highly recommend."

- Grant Leishman for Readers' Favorite

"...This is an absolute hidden gem of a novel, and I urge anyone who values mature, superior story-telling to give it a go. I'm looking forward to the next one."

- Amazon Customer





960–975 CE. Kingdom of Norway


While civil war and famine ravage the countryside, Oddny Einarsdottir finds herself caught in a battle of her own. Haunted by a miscarriage, she wrestles with her resentment of her bastard son and tries to atone by enduring her rocky marriage to her husband, Vermundr, in grim silence. But her rivalry with Vermundr’s troubled cousin and the arrival of a handsome fugitive poet bring her resolve to a crossroads. She finds herself torn at last between cold resignation to her marital duties and a cruel and unexpected kindling of feelings long thought dead.


The Vow sees Oddny Einarsdottir to the end of her journey amid a chaos of warring kings, petty feuds, and clashing hearts. From a shattered girl to a struggling woman, she must find the strength to put her sordid past behind her and own her life, her choices, and her honor.

Early Release! Coming 09-17-2024

If you're like me and love reading Icelandic Family Sagas, or the work of

Sigrid Undset (most notably, Kristin Lavransdatter), you will enjoy this